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# Emails
# Please remove Google Analytics
## 1.
- Sent to:
- Author:
## Please remove Google Analytics
- **Sent to**:
- **Author**:
> Hi and thanks for getting in touch!
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>> --
>> Sent with Tutanota:
## 2.
- Sent to: (webform, email unknown)
- Author:
> To whom it may concern,
> After taking a brief look at your site, I believe you have made a string of grave errors.
> This site,, uses a shocking variety of developer tooling that is actually against freedom, privacy and security.
> For example, your website uses Google Analytics, a tool by Google which monitors web pages. This also collects a virtual browsing history of said user, exposing them to this monstrous advertising company that's collecting everything it can on everyone.
> Then you use CDNJS: a JavaScript CDN proxied behind Cloudflare, of all things, to serve JavaScript code which is crucial to the functionality of your site. As we have seen today, Cloudflare has centralised a large majority of the 'open internet', and now renders it useless with insanely long outages.
> Just looking at the list now, and I can see: Google Analytics; CDNJS; Google Tag Manager; Google reCAPTCHA; NETDNA, which seems to be some sort of machine learning framework. There's a lot more; that's just scratching the surface.
> Personally, I think your current stance on these services is extremely misleading: when a source claims to be a bastion of privacy, even including it in its domain, it goes without saying that users would expect one thing: privacy.
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