Unverified Commit 10b43c8f authored by Jacob Blain Christen's avatar Jacob Blain Christen Committed by GitHub
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channels: tweak testing channel config(s) (#2643)

Limit the `testing` channel(s) to alpha, beta, and rc pre-releases.
Signed-off-by: default avatarJacob Blain Christen <jacob@rancher.com>
parent 47019226
......@@ -6,27 +6,27 @@ channels:
latestRegexp: .*
excludeRegexp: ^[^+]+-
- name: testing
latestRegexp: .*
latestRegexp: -(alpha|beta|rc)
- name: v1.16
latestRegexp: v1\.16\..*
excludeRegexp: ^[^+]+-
- name: v1.16-testing
latestRegexp: v1\.16\.*
latestRegexp: v1\.16\.[0-9]*-(alpha|beta|rc)
- name: v1.17
latestRegexp: v1\.17\..*
excludeRegexp: ^[^+]+-
- name: v1.17-testing
latestRegexp: v1\.17\..*
latestRegexp: v1\.17\.[0-9]*-(alpha|beta|rc)
- name: v1.18
latestRegexp: v1\.18\..*
excludeRegexp: ^[^+]+-
- name: v1.18-testing
latestRegexp: v1\.18\..*
latestRegexp: v1\.18\.[0-9]*-(alpha|beta|rc)
# Starting with 1.19, we aren't going to add a *-testing channel for minor releases
- name: v1.19
latestRegexp: v1\.19\..*
excludeRegexp: ^[^+]+-
owner: rancher
owner: k3s-io
repo: k3s
redirectBase: https://github.com/rancher/k3s/releases/tag/
redirectBase: https://github.com/k3s-io/k3s/releases/tag/
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