Commit 0e88fe8b authored by Cédric Marie's avatar Cédric Marie
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myaudiotags: Update 'clean-single' metaflac commands

The 'clean-single' command should use the same metaflac commands as the
'clean' command.
Signed-off-by: default avatarCédric Marie <>
parent 1335318e
......@@ -390,8 +390,10 @@ if [ "$command" = "clean-single" ]; then
printf "LICENSE=$tag_license\n" >> $tags_filename
old_size=`stat -c %s "$file"`
metaflac --remove-all-tags --dont-use-padding "$file"
metaflac --remove --block-type=SEEKTABLE,PICTURE,CUESHEET "$file"
metaflac --remove-all-tags "$file"
metaflac --import-tags-from=$tags_filename "$file"
metaflac --dont-use-padding --remove --block-type=PADDING "$file"
new_size=`stat -c %s "$file"`
printf "(saved %4d bytes) $file\n" $(($old_size - $new_size))
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