Commit 8e92c397 authored by Cédric Marie's avatar Cédric Marie

myzip: Don't ask to delete input directory

When -e option is used (encrypt), usually the input directory is
intended to be deleted. Yet, it is disturbing to do it automatically
(even if a confirmation is asked). Let the user do it manually.
Signed-off-by: default avatarCédric Marie <>
parent 8740e66f
......@@ -60,12 +60,3 @@ if [ $option_encrypt -eq 1 ]; then
chmod 444 $output_file
printf "\033[1mOutput file:\033[0m $output_file\n"
if [ $option_encrypt -eq 1 ]; then
printf "\n$output_file was successfully created:\n"
ls -l $output_file
printf "Do you want to delete $dir directory (y/N)? "
read answer
if [ "$answer" == "y" ]; then
rm -rf $dir
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