Commit ef4f6d64 authored by Cédric Marie's avatar Cédric Marie
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tag-sieve: Fix UTF-8 encoding in MP3 tags

When setting titles and track numbers, with upt and uptn commands, it
is necessary to exclude id3v1 tags, even if they are cleaned later with
clean command, because they can break UTF-8 encoding in id3v2 tags.
Signed-off-by: default avatarCédric Marie <>
parent a8d2a926
......@@ -610,7 +610,7 @@ if [ "$command" = "upt" ]; then
# Remove .mp3 and leading disc and track numbers
tag_title=`echo ${file%.mp3} | sed 's/^[1-9] - //' | sed 's/^[0-9]\+ - //'`
printf "$file: \033[7m$tag_title\033[0m\n"
id3v2 --song "$tag_title" "$file"
id3v2 --id3v2-only --song "$tag_title" "$file"
# Set read-only permission
......@@ -711,12 +711,12 @@ if [ "$command" = "uptn" ]; then
tag_tracktotal=`ls -1 ${tag_discnumber}\ -\ *.mp3 | grep -c mp3`
id3v2 --TPOS "$tag_discnumber/$tag_disctotal" "$file"
id3v2 --id3v2-only --TPOS "$tag_discnumber/$tag_disctotal" "$file"
printf "track \033[7m$tag_tracknumber\033[0m / \033[7m$tag_tracktotal\033[0m, disc \033[7m$tag_discnumber\033[0m / \033[7m$tag_disctotal\033[0m: $file\n"
printf "track \033[7m$tag_tracknumber\033[0m / \033[7m$tag_tracktotal\033[0m: $file\n"
id3v2 --track "$tag_tracknumber/$tag_tracktotal" "$file"
id3v2 --id3v2-only --track "$tag_tracknumber/$tag_tracktotal" "$file"
# Set read-only permission
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