1. 19 Jul, 2020 1 commit
  2. 16 Jul, 2020 5 commits
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      Add a test that exercises the GCS Credentials class · a488ed2c
      James E. Blair authored
      We subclass the GCS Credentials class.  We can't completely test
      it without either hitting the live Google cloud or substantial
      mocking, but we should be able to exercise most of the functionality
      we typically use.  Do that by asking it to load a token from disk
      and assert that it adds that token to a fake request headers
      This also corrects a "problem" detected by the test.  The current
      super() call uses the python3 form, which is fine in that all current
      uses of this code are using python3, but we still run python27 tests
      on this repo, so we'll use the python2/python3 compat syntax.
      Change-Id: Ifa4209617f4be52008b6294ebd10f0deb9bd6a51
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      Merge "Remove default tox_envlist: venv" · fdd7867e
      Zuul authored
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      Remove default tox_envlist: venv · c388e611
      Albin Vass authored
      Setting tox_envlist to venv by default is unintuitive for
      many users. Remove this behaviour and let default tox
      behaviour be the same as running tox on the commandline.
      Change-Id: I1b6d59ee4ebb7f6b3adcf4bd35d7148e83389008
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      Fix GCS log upload · c0abf5cf
      James E. Blair authored
      The google-auth Credential class added some new variables in the
      constructor; make sure that we call it in order to avoid later
      reference errors.
      Change-Id: I338a3368b90a6612801ba587982d3053bbd3ba78
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  4. 14 Jul, 2020 2 commits
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      Merge "write-inventory: add per-host variables" · 2b5777e8
      Zuul authored
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      upload-afs-synchronize: expand documentation · c19ea2e6
      Ian Wienand authored
      The upload-afs-synchronize role was added with
      I493d8829e3fd98e84f1b8f0e776e7ba41abf16c2 and used as part of the
      artifact promote process for tarballs and other uploads.  However the
      role is useful as a generic way to upload results to AFS and avoid
      some commonly hit caveats such as getting permissions flags wrong.
      Expand the README to explain things a little more.
      Change-Id: Ia643b02b503560d1057697fc5a7d143fd728b177
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      Make persist-iptables more robust · d8c3a4a8
      Alex Schultz authored
      We're seeing when the shell command fails (for whatever reason) and since
      it's failed_when: false, the subsequent tasks actually fail.  We can
      check if stdout is not defined as a failure condition because that means
      the module itself failed and we should not continue to process the
      next tasks since they depend on stdout being defined.. Additionally we
      can add some retries to try again if possible.
      Change-Id: Iabc1619009220c6f1c91b84f81d5262c4d9d8430
      Related-Bug: #1885697
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      emit-job-header: add inventory hostname · 1842495f
      Ian Wienand authored
      When you're running a multi-node job, it would be nice to see the
      inventory hostname in this list, so if you want to say, monitor one of
      the nodes, you don't have to guess which is which.
      Change-Id: Ibf822d51711c74d963a7287eaeaa9a40ff074e79
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      upload-git-mirror: use retries to avoid races · a6fab9c4
      Thierry Carrez authored
      To avoid errors in case of mirror race conditions, we currently
      (try to) ignore mirror errors, and check for presence of the
      reference after the mirror try. This requires having to play
      tricks to avoid errors when the job is run in the check pipeline,
      due to missing zuul.newrev. And for some reason, it does not seem
      to work[1].
      Instead of ignoring errors and running an additional check, let's
      just retry the mirror operation three times.
      The race is rare-enough that it's very unlikely that we would
      hit it three times in a row.
      [1] https://zuul.openstack.org/build/4966cd5617624d348fa0048de14f1f96
      Change-Id: Ifa4f25ad8c961a1b2dbd9f07a3a1e4652b790c9c
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  15. 24 Jun, 2020 1 commit
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      upload-git-mirror: check after mirror operation · e53fe850
      Thierry Carrez authored
      The upload-git-mirror job currently reports failure when multiple
      jobs run concurrently for the same repository (one of them succeeds,
      the other fails because the state of the mirror was changed by the
      successful one).
      However, since the job generally runs a few minutes after the commit
      that triggered it merged, the successful job usually mirrored the two
      needed commits, so the failed mirror operation does not mean the
      mirror is out-of-sync. This results in false negatives.
      If zuul.newrev is provided, rather than report failure if the mirror
      operation fails, we should report failure if, after the mirror operation,
      the commit that triggered the job is still not present on the mirror.
      Change-Id: Iadae26473f4c937384c8cea74329e389c563aeed
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