Commit 3be35a02 authored by kaiyou's avatar kaiyou

Context from configuration has priority over stored fields

parent ccb77521
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......@@ -74,10 +74,11 @@ def check_run(checkid, function, context, args):
""" Celery task that runs a single check
print("Running check {}".format(checkid))
context.update(checkid=checkid, function=function)
result = util.resolve(function)(context, **args)
celery.current_app.scheduler.update(checkid, context, result)
stored = celery.current_app.scheduler.state[checkid]
stored.update(checkid=checkid, function=function)
result = util.resolve(function)(stored, **args)
celery.current_app.scheduler.update(checkid, stored, result)
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