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Change the format of generated emails

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......@@ -49,11 +49,18 @@ def send_mail(context, account, to, message):
smtp.login(account["username"], account["password"])
mail = multipart.MIMEMultipart("alternative")
sentence = fake.sentence(nb_words=6, variable_nb_words=True)[:-1]
mail["Subject"] = f"[{message}] {sentence}]
title = "This message is for delivery monitoring"
content = f"Hello,\n\nThis is an automatically built email, sent by the\
Amonit monitoring system. Its title contains a random generated string so\
that Amnoit can later check that it has indeed been received.\n\n\
You may contact the sending address if this is in any way disturbing your\
email system. Or you can click on the following link to get more\
information about Amonit and what it is about.\n\n\{message}"
mail["Subject"] = f"[{message}] {title}]
mail["From"] = account["username"]
mail["To"] = to
mail.attach(text.MIMEText("\n".join(fake.paragraphs(nb=5)), "text"))
mail.attach(text.MIMEText(content, "text"))
smtp.sendmail(account["username"], to, mail.as_string())
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