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Rename the freeposte/mailu directory and database

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Most contributors are listed on Github at:
If you contribute time, code or resources to the project, feel free to add
your name, pseudonym, and any contact information you feel is relevant to
MIT License
Copyright (c) 2016 All contributors at the date
Copyright (c) 2016 All Mailu contributors at the date
This software consists of voluntary contributions made by multiple individuals.
For exact contribution history, see the revision history available at
Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy
of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal
......@@ -3,13 +3,13 @@ FROM python:3
RUN mkdir -p /app
COPY freeposte ./freeposte
COPY mailu ./mailu
COPY migrations ./migrations
COPY requirements.txt .
RUN pip install -r requirements.txt
RUN pybabel compile -d freeposte/translations
RUN pybabel compile -d mailu/translations
CMD ["/"]
from freeposte import app
from mailu import app
import sys
import tabulate
......@@ -14,12 +14,12 @@ import docker
app = flask.Flask(__name__, static_url_path='/admin/app_static')
default_config = {
'SQLALCHEMY_DATABASE_URI': 'sqlite:////data/freeposte.db',
'SQLALCHEMY_DATABASE_URI': 'sqlite:////data/main.db',
'SECRET_KEY': 'changeMe',
'DOCKER_SOCKET': 'unix:///var/run/docker.sock',
'DOMAIN': '',
'DOMAIN': '',
'POSTMASTER': 'postmaster',
'DEBUG': False,
......@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@ manager.add_command('db', flask_migrate.MigrateCommand)
dockercli = docker.Client(base_url=app.config['DOCKER_SOCKET'])
# Finally setup the blueprint and redirect /
from freeposte import admin
from mailu import admin
app.register_blueprint(, url_prefix='/admin')
from flask import Blueprint
from freeposte import login_manager, db
from mailu import login_manager, db
import flask_login
......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ app = Blueprint(
# Import models
from freeposte.admin import models
from mailu.admin import models
# Register the login components
login_manager.login_view = "admin.login"
......@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ def inject_user():
return dict(current_user=flask_login.current_user)
# Import views
from freeposte.admin.views import \
from mailu.admin.views import \
admins, \
managers, \
base, \
from freeposte.admin import db, models, forms
from mailu.admin import db, models, forms
import flask
import flask_login
from freeposte.admin import db, dkim
from freeposte import app
from mailu.admin import db, dkim
from mailu import app
from sqlalchemy.ext import declarative
from passlib import context
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