Commit 0ad6b197 authored by kaiyou's avatar kaiyou

Fix the encoding of incoming user email and password

parent e49502cb
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......@@ -37,8 +37,14 @@ def handle_authentication(headers):
# Authenticated user
elif method == "plain":
server, port = get_server(headers["Auth-Protocol"], True)
user_email = urllib.parse.unquote(headers["Auth-User"])
password = urllib.parse.unquote(headers["Auth-Pass"])
# According to RFC2616 section 3.7.1 and PEP 3333, HTTP headers should
# be ASCII and are generally considered ISO8859-1. However when passing
# the password, nginx does not transcode the input UTF string, thus
# we need to manually decode.
raw_user_email = urllib.parse.unquote(headers["Auth-User"])
user_email = raw_user_email.encode("iso8859-1").decode("utf8")
raw_password = urllib.parse.unquote(headers["Auth-Pass"])
password = raw_password.encode("iso8859-1").decode("utf8")
ip = urllib.parse.unquote(headers["Client-Ip"])
user = models.User.query.get(user_email)
status = False
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