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Merge #2351

2351: Silence some errors in nginx (backport #2348) r=mergify[bot] a=mergify[bot]

This is an automatic backport of pull request #2348 done by [Mergify](https://mergify.com).


<summary>Mergify commands and options</summary>

<br />

More conditions and actions can be found in the [documentation](https://docs.mergify.com/).

You can also trigger Mergify actions by commenting on this pull request:

- ``@Mergifyio` refresh` will re-evaluate the rules
- ``@Mergifyio` rebase` will rebase this PR on its base branch
- ``@Mergifyio` update` will merge the base branch into this PR
- ``@Mergifyio` backport <destination>` will backport this PR on `<destination>` branch

Additionally, on Mergify [dashboard](https://dashboard.mergify.com/) you can:

- look at your merge queues
- generate the Mergify configuration with the config editor.

Finally, you can contact us on https://mergify.com


Co-authored-by: default avatarFlorent Daigniere <nextgens@freenetproject.org>
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......@@ -254,7 +254,6 @@ mail {
server_name {{ HOSTNAMES.split(",")[0] }};
proxy_pass_error_message on;
resolver {{ RESOLVER }} valid=30s;
error_log /dev/stderr info;
{% if TLS and not TLS_ERROR %}
Disable the built-in nginx resolver for traffic going through the mail plugin. This will silence errors about DNS resolution when the connecting host has no rDNS.
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