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Release 2.1.0

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......@@ -5,6 +5,133 @@ All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.
The format is based on [Keep a Changelog](https://keepachangelog.com/en/1.0.0/),
and this project adheres to [Semantic Versioning](https://semver.org/spec/v2.0.0.html).
## 2.1.0 - 2022-05-16
### Added
- Added an event category field. Administrators can extend the pre-configured list of categories through configuration.
- Added possibility for administrators to have analytics (Matomo, Plausible supported) and error handling (Sentry supported) on front-end.
- Redesigned federation admin section with dedicated instance pages
- Allow to filter moderation reports by domain
- Added a button to go to past events of a group if it has no upcoming events
- Add Überauth CAS Strategy
- Add a CLI command to delete actors
### Changed
- Changed mailer library from Bamboo to Swoosh, should fix emails being considered spam. **Some configuration changes are required, see below.**
- Expose some fields to ActivityStreams event representation: `isOnline`, `remainingAttendeeCapacity` and `participantCount`
- Expose a new field to ActivityStreams group representation: `memberCount`
- Improve group creation errors feedback
- Only display locality in event card
- Stale groups are now excluded from group search
- Event default visibility is now set according to group privacy setting
- Remove Koena Connect button
- Hide the whole metadata block if group has no description
- Increase task timeout in Refresher to 60 seconds
- Allow webfinger to be fetched over http (not https) in dev mode
- Improve reactions when approving/rejecting an instance follow
- Improve instance admin view for mobile
- Allow to reject instance following
- Allow instance to have non-standard ports
- Add pagination to the instances list
- Eventually fetch actors in mentions
- Improve IdentityPicker, JoinGroupWithAccount and ActorInline components
- Various group and posts improvements
- Update schema.graphql file
- Add "Accept-Language" header to sentry request metadata
- Hide address blocks when address has no real data
- Remove obsolete attribute type="text/css" from <style> tags
- Improve actor cards integration
- Use upstream dependencies for Ueberauth providers
- Include ongoing events in search
- Send push notification into own task
- Add appropriate timeouts for Repo.transactions
- Add a proper error message when adding an instance follow that doesn't respond
- Allow the instance to be followed from Mastodon (through relays)
- Remove unused fragment from FETCH_PERSON GraphQL query
### Fixed
- Fixed actor refreshment being impossible
- Fixed ical export for undefined datetimes
- Fixed parsing links with hashtag characters
- Fixed fetching link details from Twitter
- Fixed Thunderbird accessing ICS feed endpoint with special `Accept` HTTP header
- Make sure every ICS/Feed caches are emptied when modifying entities
- Fixed time issues with DST changes
- Fixed group preview card not truncating description
- Fixed redirection after login
- Fixed user admin section showing button to confirm user when the user is already confirmed
- Fixed creating event from group view not always setting the group as organizer
- Fixed invalid addresses blocking event metadata preview rendering
- Fixed group deletion with comments that caused foreign key issues
- Fixed incoming Accept activities from participations we don't already have
- Fixed resources that didn't have metadata size limits
- Properly fallback to UTC when sending notifications and the user doesn't have a timezone setting set
- Fix posts creation
- Fix rejecting instance follow
- Fix pagination of group events
- Add proper fallback for when a TZ isn't registered
- Hide side of report modal on low width screens
- Fix Telegram Logo being replaced with Mastodon logo in ShareGroupModal
- Change URL for Mastodon Share Manager
- Fix receiving Flag activities on federated events
- Fix activity notifications by preloading user.activity_settings
- Fix text overflow on group card description
- Exclude tags with more than 40 characters from being extracted
- Avoid duplicate tags with different casing
- Fix invalid HTML (<div> inside <label>)
- Fix latest group not refreshing in admin section
- Add missing "relay@" part of federated address to follow
- Fix Ueberauth use of CSRF with session
- Fix being an administrator when using 3rd-party auth provider
- Make sure activity recipient can't be nil
- Make sure users can't create profiles or groups with non-valid patterns
- Add description field to address representation
- Make sure prompt show the correct message and not just "Continue?" in mix mode
- Make sure activity notification recaps can't be sent multiple times
- Fix group notification of new event being sent multiple times
- Fix links to group page in group membership emails and participation
- Fix clicking on map crashing the app
### Translations
- Arabic
- Basque
- Belarusian
- Bengali
- Catalan
- Chinese (Traditional)
- Croatian
- Czech
- Danish
- Dutch
- Esperanto
- Finnish
- French
- Gaelic
- Galician
- German
- Hebrew
- Hungarian
- Indonesian
- Italian
- Japanese
- Kabyle
- Kannada
- Norwegian Nynorsk
- Occitan
- Persian
- Polish
- Portuguese
- Portuguese (Brazil)
- Russian
- Slovenian
- Spanish
- Swedish
- Welsh
## 2.1.0-rc.6 - 2022-05-11
Changes since rc.5:
"name": "mobilizon",
"version": "2.1.0-rc.6",
"version": "2.1.0",
"private": true,
"scripts": {
"serve": "vue-cli-service serve",
defmodule Mobilizon.Mixfile do
use Mix.Project
@version "2.1.0-rc.6"
@version "2.1.0"
def project do
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