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......@@ -25,6 +25,7 @@ There are several ways to run PowerDNS-Admin. Following is a simple way to start
Step 1: Update the configuration
Edit the `docker-compose.yml` file to update the database connection string in `SQLALCHEMY_DATABASE_URI`. Other environment variables are mentioned in the [legal_envvars](https://github.com/ngoduykhanh/PowerDNS-Admin/blob/master/configs/docker_config.py#L5-L37).
To use docker secret feature it is possible to append `_FILE` to the environment variables and point to a file with the value stored in it.
Step 2: Start docker container
......@@ -64,8 +64,21 @@ legal_envvars_bool = (
import os
import sys
for v in legal_envvars:
if v in os.environ:
ret = None
# _FILE suffix will allow to read value from file, usefull for Docker's
# secrets feature
if v + '_FILE' in os.environ:
if v in os.environ:
raise AttributeError("Both {} and {} are set but are exclusive." .format(v, v + '_FILE'))
with open(os.environ[v + '_FILE']) as f:
ret = f.read()
elif v in os.environ:
ret = os.environ[v]
if ret is not None:
if v in legal_envvars_bool:
ret = bool(ret)
if v in legal_envvars_int:
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