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# Description
Describe the bug you're reporting here.
e.g. Stories are not properly sorted when looking at recent stories in a tag
# Environment
* Operating System:
* Browser:
# Steps to Reproduce
Enumerate the steps to reproduce the bug here. Provide a link if possible.
1. Visit
1. Click on a tag in the navigation bar.
1. Click on the 'Recent' tab.
## Expected Outcome
Describe the expected outcome of your steps here.
Example: Stories should be sorted with the most recent first.
## Actual Outcome
Describe the actual outcome of your steps here.
Example: Stories are out-of-order.
## Description
Describe the feature you'd like to see added to Prismo here.
## Additional Information
If you have screenshots, designs, or links that help describe or define the feature you're requesting, please add them here.
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