Unverified Commit 11a3011c authored by James Salter's avatar James Salter Committed by GitHub
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Option to disable hardware acceleration on Element Desktop (#22295)

Override ElectronPlatform to support disableHardwareAcceleration
parent 6c7f6639
......@@ -414,6 +414,18 @@ export default class ElectronPlatform extends VectorBasePlatform {
return this.ipcCall('setMinimizeToTrayEnabled', enabled);
public supportsTogglingHardwareAcceleration(): boolean {
return true;
public async getHardwareAccelerationEnabled(): Promise<boolean> {
return this.ipcCall('getHardwareAccelerationEnabled');
public async setHardwareAccelerationEnabled(enabled: boolean): Promise<void> {
return this.ipcCall('setHardwareAccelerationEnabled', enabled);
async canSelfUpdate(): Promise<boolean> {
const feedUrl = await this.ipcCall('getUpdateFeedUrl');
return Boolean(feedUrl);
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