1. 09 Mar, 2021 3 commits
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  9. 24 Feb, 2021 6 commits
    • Richard van der Hoff's avatar
      Add support for X-Forwarded-Proto (#9472) · d8e95e54
      Richard van der Hoff authored
      rewrite XForwardedForRequest to set `isSecure()` based on
      `X-Forwarded-Proto`. Also implement `getClientAddress()` while we're here.
    • Andrew Morgan's avatar
      Fix typo in spam checker documentation · 00bf80cb
      Andrew Morgan authored
    • Erik Johnston's avatar
    • Jonathan de Jong's avatar
      Fix #8518 (sync requests being cached wrongly on timeout) (#9358) · f5c93fc9
      Jonathan de Jong authored
      This fixes #8518 by adding a conditional check on `SyncResult` in a function when `prev_stream_token == current_stream_token`, as a sanity check. In `CachedResponse.set.<remove>()`, the result is immediately popped from the cache if the conditional function returns "false".
      This prevents the caching of a timed-out `SyncResult` (that has `next_key` as the stream key that produced that `SyncResult`). The cache is prevented from returning a `SyncResult` that makes the client request the same stream key over and over again, effectively making it stuck in a loop of requesting and getting a response immediately for as long as the cache keeps those values.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarJonathan de Jong <jonathan@automatia.nl>
    • Erik Johnston's avatar
      Clean up `ShardedWorkerHandlingConfig` (#9466) · 29279219
      Erik Johnston authored
      * Split ShardedWorkerHandlingConfig
      This is so that we have a type level understanding of when it is safe to
      call `get_instance(..)` (as opposed to `should_handle(..)`).
      * Remove special cases in ShardedWorkerHandlingConfig.
      `ShardedWorkerHandlingConfig` tried to handle the various different ways
      it was possible to configure federation senders and pushers. This led to
      special cases that weren't hit during testing.
      To fix this the handling of the different cases is moved from there and
      `generic_worker` into the worker config class. This allows us to have
      the logic in one place and allows the rest of the code to ignore the
      different cases.
    • Erik Johnston's avatar
      Refactor to ensure we call check_consistency (#9470) · 0b5c9678
      Erik Johnston authored
      The idea here is to stop people forgetting to call `check_consistency`. Folks can still just pass in `None` to the new args in `build_sequence_generator`, but hopefully they won't.