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Fix the build in Docker after enabling go modules

Enabling go modules requires that GO111MODULE is set, so
we set it as an environment variable in the Dockerfile.

Also, go-bindata is meant to be installed globally, so we
force the install before enabling Go modules. Also, we update
Go to 1.12 to fix a couple module builds.
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# Build image
FROM golang:1.11.2-alpine3.8 as build
FROM golang:1.12-alpine as build
RUN apk add --update nodejs nodejs-npm make g++ git sqlite-dev
RUN npm install -g less less-plugin-clean-css
RUN go get -u
RUN mkdir -p /go/src/
WORKDIR /go/src/
COPY . .
RUN make build \
&& make ui
RUN mkdir /stage && \
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