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......@@ -33,12 +33,19 @@ It's designed to be flexible and share your writing widely, so it's built around
* Start a blog for yourself, or host a community of writers
* Form larger federated networks, and interact over modern protocols like ActivityPub
* Write on a dead-simple, distraction-free and super fast editor
* Write on a fast, dead-simple, and distraction-free editor
* Format text with Markdown, and organize posts with hashtags
* Publish drafts and let others proofread them by sharing a private link
* Create multiple lightweight blogs under a single account
* Export all data in plain text files
* Read a stream of other posts in your writing community
* Build more advanced apps and extensions with the [well-documented API](
* Designed around user privacy and consent
## Quick start
WriteFreely has minimal requirements to get up and running — you only need to be able to run an executable.
> **Note** this is currently alpha software. We're quickly moving out of this v0.x stage, but while we're in it, there are no guarantees that this is ready for production use.
First, download the [latest release]( for your OS. It includes everything you need to start your blog.
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