Commit ad6fd5e8 authored by Matt Baer's avatar Matt Baer

Use "Draft" in post meta page

instead of "Anonymous".
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......@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@
<div id="clip">
<h1><a href="/me/c/" title="View blogs"><img class="ic-24dp" src="/img/ic_blogs_dark@2x.png" /></a></h1>
<nav id="target" class=""><ul>
<li>{{if .EditCollection}}<a href="{{.EditCollection.CanonicalURL}}">{{.EditCollection.Title}}</a>{{else}}<a>Anonymous</a>{{end}}</li>
<li>{{if .EditCollection}}<a href="{{.EditCollection.CanonicalURL}}">{{.EditCollection.Title}}</a>{{else}}<a>Draft</a>{{end}}</li>
<div id="belt">
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