This lists changes since 2.0.0-beta.2. Please read the []( file as well.

- Mention following groups on the registration page
- Add missing group name to activity notifications
- Warn while registering and logging when the email contains uppercase characters
- Improve json-ld metadata on event live streams
- Add "eventAttendanceMode" to JSON-ld event representation
- Improve sending pending participation notifications
- Add "formerType" and "delete" attributes on Tombstones ActivityPub objects representation

- Fixed creating group activities when creating events with some fields
- Move release package at correct path for CI upload
- Fixed event contacts that were not exposed and fetched over federation
- Don't sign fetch when fetching actor for a given signature
- Some various HTTP signatures issues
- Fixed actor AP representation of avatar
- Handle errors when fetching actor pictures
- Fixed sending group events to followers on Mastodon
- Fixed actors avatars and banners being deleted if the same file was also an orphan media

- Gaelic
- Spanish
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