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Synapse 1.69.0 (2022-10-17)

Please note that legacy Prometheus metric names are now deprecated and will be removed in Synapse 1.73.0.
Server administrators should update their dashboards and alerting rules to avoid using the deprecated metric names.
See the [upgrade notes]( for more details.

No significant changes since 1.69.0rc4.

Synapse 1.69.0rc4 (2022-10-14)


- Fix poor performance of the `event_push_backfill_thread_id` background update, which was introduced in Synapse 1.68.0rc1. ([\#14172](, [\#14181](

Updates to the Docker image

- Fix docker build OOMing in CI for arm64 builds. ([\#14173](

Synapse 1.69.0rc3 (2022-10-12)


- Fix an issue with Docker images causing the Rust dependencies to not be pinned correctly. Introduced in v1.68.0 ([\#14129](
- Fix a bug introduced in Synapse 1.69.0rc1 which would cause registration replication requests to fail if the worker sending the request is not running Synapse 1.69. ([\#14135](
- Fix error in background update when rotating existing notifications. Introduced in v1.69.0rc2. ([\#14138](

Internal Changes

- Rename the `url_preview` extra to `url-preview`, for compatability with poetry-core 1.3.0 and [PEP 685]( From-source installations using this extra will need to install using the new name. ([\#14085](

Synapse 1.69.0rc2 (2022-10-06)

Deprecations and Removals

- Deprecate the `generate_short_term_login_token` method in favor of an async `create_login_token` method in the Module API. ([\#13842](

Internal Changes

- Ensure Synapse v1.69 works with upcoming database changes in v1.70. ([\#14045](
- Fix a bug introduced in Synapse v1.68.0 where messages could not be sent in rooms with non-integer `notifications` power level. ([\#14073](
- Temporarily pin build-system requirements to workaround an incompatibility with poetry-core 1.3.0. This will be reverted before the v1.69.0 release proper, see [\#14079]( ([\#14080](

Synapse 1.69.0rc1 (2022-10-04)


- Allow application services to set the `origin_server_ts` of a state event by providing the query parameter `ts` in [`PUT /_matrix/client/r0/rooms/{roomId}/state/{eventType}/{stateKey}`](, per [MSC3316]( Contributed by @lukasdenk. ([\#11866](
- Allow server admins to require a manual approval process before new accounts can be used (using [MSC3866]( ([\#13556](
- Exponentially backoff from backfilling the same event over and over. ([\#13635](, [\#13936](
- Add cache invalidation across workers to module API. ([\#13667](, [\#13947](
- Experimental implementation of [MSC3882]( to allow an existing device/session to generate a login token for use on a new device/session. ([\#13722](, [\#13868](
- Experimental support for thread-specific receipts ([MSC3771]( ([\#13782](, [\#13893](, [\#13932](, [\#13937](, [\#13939](
- Add experimental support for [MSC3881: Remotely toggle push notifications for another client]( ([\#13799](, [\#13831](, [\#13860](
- Keep track when an event pulled over federation fails its signature check so we can intelligently back-off in the future. ([\#13815](
- Improve validation for the unspecced, internal-only `_matrix/client/unstable/add_threepid/msisdn/submit_token` endpoint. ([\#13832](
- Faster remote room joins: record _when_ we first partial-join to a room. ([\#13892](
- Support a `dir` parameter on the `/relations` endpoint per [MSC3715]( ([\#13920](
- Ask mail servers receiving emails from Synapse to not send automatic replies (e.g. out-of-office responses). ([\#13957](


- Send push notifications for invites received over federation. ([\#13719](, [\#14014](
- Fix a long-standing bug where typing events would be accepted from remote servers not present in a room. Also fix a bug where incoming typing events would cause other incoming events to get stuck during a fast join. ([\#13830](
- Fix a bug introduced in Synapse v1.53.0 where the experimental implementation of [MSC3715]( would give incorrect results when paginating forward. ([\#13840](
- Fix access token leak to logs from proxy agent. ([\#13855](
- Fix `have_seen_event` cache not being invalidated after we persist an event which causes inefficiency effects like extra `/state` federation calls. ([\#13863](
- Faster room joins: Fix a bug introduced in 1.66.0 where an error would be logged when syncing after joining a room. ([\#13872](
- Fix a bug introduced in 1.66.0 where some required fields in the pushrules sent to clients were not present anymore. Contributed by Nico. ([\#13904](
- Fix packaging to include `Cargo.lock` in `sdist`. ([\#13909](
- Fix a long-standing bug where device updates could cause delays sending out to-device messages over federation. ([\#13922](
- Fix a bug introduced in v1.68.0 where Synapse would require `setuptools_rust` at runtime, even though the package is only required at build time. ([\#13952](
- Fix a long-standing bug where `POST /_matrix/client/v3/keys/query` requests could result in excessively large SQL queries. ([\#13956](
- Fix a performance regression in the `get_users_in_room` database query. Introduced in v1.67.0. ([\#13972](
- Fix a bug introduced in v1.68.0 bug where Rust extension wasn't built in `release` mode when using `poetry install`. ([\#14009](
- Do not return an unspecified `original_event` field when using the stable `/relations` endpoint. Introduced in Synapse v1.57.0. ([\#14025](
- Correctly handle a race with device lists when a remote user leaves during a partial join. ([\#13885](
- Correctly handle sending local device list updates to remote servers during a partial join. ([\#13934](

Improved Documentation

- Add `worker_main_http_uri` for the worker generator bash script. ([\#13772](
- Update URL for the NixOS module for Synapse. ([\#13818](
- Fix a mistake in `map_user_attributes` is expected to return `display_name`, not `displayname`. ([\#13836](
- Fix a cross-link from the registration admin API to the `registration_shared_secret` configuration documentation. ([\#13870](
- Update the man page for the `hash_password` script to correct the default number of bcrypt rounds performed. ([\#13911](, [\#13930](
- Emphasize the right reasons when to use `(room_id, event_id)` in a database schema. ([\#13915](
- Add instruction to contributing guide for running unit tests in parallel. Contributed by @ashfame. ([\#13928](
- Clarify that the `auto_join_rooms` config option can also be used with Space aliases. ([\#13931](
- Add some cross references to worker documentation. ([\#13974](
- Linkify urls in config documentation. ([\#14003](

Deprecations and Removals

- Remove the `complete_sso_login` method from the Module API which was deprecated in Synapse 1.13.0. ([\#13843](
- Announce that legacy metric names are deprecated, will be turned off by default in Synapse v1.71.0 and removed altogether in Synapse v1.73.0. See the upgrade notes for more information. ([\#14024](

Internal Changes

- Speed up creation of DM rooms. ([\#13487](, [\#13800](
- Port push rules to using Rust. ([\#13768](, [\#13838](, [\#13889](
- Optimise get rooms for user calls. Contributed by Nick @ Beeper (@fizzadar). ([\#13787](
- Update the script which makes full schema dumps. ([\#13792](
- Use shared methods for cache invalidation when persisting events, remove duplicate codepaths. Contributed by Nick @ Beeper (@fizzadar). ([\#13796](
- Improve the `synapse.api.auth.Auth` mock used in unit tests. ([\#13809](
- Faster Remote Room Joins: tell remote homeservers that we are unable to authorise them if they query a room which has partial state on our server. ([\#13823](
- Carry IdP Session IDs through user-mapping sessions. ([\#13839](
- Fix the release script not publishing binary wheels. ([\#13850](
- Raise issue if complement fails with latest deps. ([\#13859](
- Correct the comments in the complement dockerfile. ([\#13867](
- Create a new snapshot of the database schema. ([\#13873](
- Faster room joins: Send device list updates to most servers in rooms with partial state. ([\#13874](, [\#14013](
- Add comments to the Prometheus recording rules to make it clear which set of rules you need for Grafana or Prometheus Console. ([\#13876](
- Only pull relevant backfill points from the database based on the current depth and limit (instead of all) every time we want to `/backfill`. ([\#13879](
- Faster room joins: Avoid waiting for full state when processing `/keys/changes` requests. ([\#13888](
- Improve backfill robustness by trying more servers when we get a `4xx` error back. ([\#13890](
- Fix mypy errors with canonicaljson 1.6.3. ([\#13905](
- Faster remote room joins: correctly handle remote device list updates during a partial join. ([\#13913](
- Complement image: propagate SIGTERM to all workers. ([\#13914](
- Update an innaccurate comment in Synapse's upsert database helper. ([\#13924](
- Update mypy (0.950 -> 0.981) and mypy-zope (0.3.7 -> 0.3.11). ([\#13925](, [\#13993](
- Use dedicated `get_local_users_in_room(room_id)` function to find local users when calculating users to copy over during a room upgrade. ([\#13960](
- Refactor language in user directory `_track_user_joined_room` code to make it more clear that we use both local and remote users. ([\#13966](
- Revert catch-all exceptions being recorded as event pull attempt failures (only handle what we know about). ([\#13969](
- Speed up calculating push actions in large rooms. ([\#13973](, [\#13992](
- Enable update notifications from Github's dependabot. ([\#13976](
- Prototype a workflow to automatically add changelogs to dependabot PRs. ([\#13998](, [\#14011](, [\#14017](, [\#14021](, [\#14027](
- Fix type annotations to be compatible with new annotations in development versions of twisted. ([\#14012](
- Clear out stale entries in `event_push_actions_staging` table. ([\#14020](
- Bump versions of GitHub actions. ([\#13978](, [\#13979](, [\#13980](, [\#13982](, [\#14015](, [\#14019](, [\#14022](, [\#14023](