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Synapse 1.69.0rc3 (2022-10-12)

Please note that legacy Prometheus metric names are now deprecated and will be removed in Synapse 1.73.0.
Server administrators should update their dashboards and alerting rules to avoid using the deprecated metric names.
See the [upgrade notes]( for more details.


- Fix an issue with Docker images causing the Rust dependencies to not be pinned correctly. Introduced in v1.68.0 ([\#14129](
- Fix a bug introduced in Synapse 1.69.0rc1 which would cause registration replication requests to fail if the worker sending the request is not running Synapse 1.69. ([\#14135](
- Fix error in background update when rotating existing notifications. Introduced in v1.69.0rc2. ([\#14138](

Internal Changes

- Rename the `url_preview` extra to `url-preview`, for compatability with poetry-core 1.3.0 and [PEP 685]( From-source installations using this extra will need to install using the new name. ([\#14085](