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Synapse 1.70.0 (2022-10-26)

No significant changes since 1.70.0rc2.

Synapse 1.70.0rc2 (2022-10-25)


- Fix a bug introduced in Synapse 1.70.0rc1 where the information returned from the `/threads` API could be stale when threaded events are redacted. ([\#14248](
- Fix a bug introduced in Synapse 1.70.0rc1 leading to broken outbound federation when using Python 3.7. ([\#14280](
- Fix a bug introduced in Synapse 1.70.0rc1 where edits to non-message events were aggregated by the homeserver. ([\#14283](

Internal Changes

- Build ABI3 wheels for CPython. ([\#14253](
- For the aarch64 architecture, only build wheels for CPython manylinux. ([\#14259](

Synapse 1.70.0rc1 (2022-10-19)


- Support for [MSC3856]( threads list API. ([\#13394](, [\#14171](, [\#14175](
- Support for thread-specific notifications & receipts ([MSC3771]( and [MSC3773]( ([\#13776](, [\#13824](, [\#13877](, [\#13878](, [\#14050](, [\#14140](, [\#14159](, [\#14163](, [\#14174](, [\#14222](
- Stop fetching missing `prev_events` after we already know their signature is invalid. ([\#13816](
- Send application service access tokens as a header (and query parameter). Implements [MSC2832]( ([\#13996](
- Ignore server ACL changes when generating pushes. Implements [MSC3786]( ([\#13997](
- Experimental support for redirecting to an implementation of a [MSC3886]( HTTP rendezvous service. ([\#14018](
- The `/relations` endpoint can now be used on workers. ([\#14028](
- Advertise support for Matrix 1.3 and 1.4 on `/_matrix/client/versions`. ([\#14032](, [\#14184](
- Improve validation of request bodies for the [Device Management]( and [MSC2697 Device Dehyrdation]( client-server API endpoints. ([\#14054](
- Experimental support for [MSC3874]( Filtering threads from the `/messages` endpoint. ([\#14148](
- Improve the validation of the following PUT endpoints: [`/directory/room/{roomAlias}`](, [`/directory/list/room/{roomId}`]( and [`/directory/list/appservice/{networkId}/{roomId}`]( ([\#14179](
- Build and publish binary wheels for `aarch64` platforms. ([\#14212](


- Prevent device names from appearing in device list updates in some situations when `allow_device_name_lookup_over_federation` is `false`. (This is not comprehensive: see [\#13114]( ([\#10015](
- Fix a long-standing bug where redactions were not being sent over federation if we did not have the original event. ([\#13813](
- Fix a long-standing bug where edits of non-`` events would not be correctly bundled or have their new content applied. ([\#14034](
- Fix a bug introduced in Synapse 1.53.0 when querying `/publicRooms` with both a `room_type` filter and a `third_party_instance_id`. ([\#14053](
- Fix a bug introduced in Synapse 1.35.0 where errors parsing a `/send_join` or `/state` response would produce excessive, low-quality Sentry events. ([\#14065](
- Fix a long-standing bug where Synapse would error on the optional 'invite_room_state' field not being provided to [`PUT /_matrix/federation/v2/invite/{roomId}/{eventId}`]( ([\#14083](
- Fix a bug where invalid oEmbed fields would cause the entire response to be discarded. Introduced in Synapse 1.18.0. ([\#14089](
- Fix a bug introduced in Synapse 1.37.0 in which an incorrect key name was used for sending and receiving room metadata when knocking on a room. ([\#14102](
- Fix a bug introduced in v1.69.0rc1 where the joined hosts for a given event were not being properly cached. ([\#14125](
- Fix a bug introduced in Synapse 1.30.0 where purging and rejoining a room without restarting in-between would result in a broken room. ([\#14161](, [\#14164](
- Fix [MSC3030]( `/timestamp_to_event` endpoint returning potentially inaccurate closest events with `outliers` present. ([\#14215](

Updates to the Docker image

- Update the version of frozendict in Docker images and Debian packages from 2.3.3 to 2.3.4, which may fix memory leak problems. ([\#13955](
- Use the `minimal` Rust profile when building Synapse. ([\#14141](
- Prevent a class of database sharding errors when using `Dockerfile-workers` to spawn multiple instances of the same worker. Contributed by Jason Little. ([\#14165](
- Set `LD_PRELOAD` to use jemalloc memory allocator in Dockerfile-workers. ([\#14182](
- Fix pre-startup logging being lost when using the `Dockerfile-workers` image. ([\#14195](

Improved Documentation

- Add sample worker files for `pusher` and `federation_sender`. ([\#14077](
- Improve the listener example on the metrics documentation. ([\#14078](
- Expand Google OpenID Connect example config to map email attribute. Contributed by @ptman. ([\#14081](
- The changelog entry ending in a full stop or exclamation mark is not optional. ([\#14087](
- Fix links to jemalloc documentation, which were broken in [#13491]( ([\#14093](
- Remove not needed `replication` listener in docker compose example. ([\#14107](
- Fix name of `alias_creation_rules` option in the config manual documentation. ([\#14124](
- Clarify comment on event contexts. ([\#14145](
- Fix dead link to the [Admin Registration API]( ([\#14189](

Deprecations and Removals

- Remove the experimental implementation of [MSC3772]( ([\#14094](
- Remove the unstable identifier for [MSC3715]( ([\#14106](, [\#14146](

Internal Changes

- Optimise queries used to get a users rooms during sync. Contributed by Nick @ Beeper (@fizzadar). ([\#13991](
- Update authlib from 0.15.5 to 1.1.0. ([\#14006](
- Make `parse_server_name` consistent in handling invalid server names. ([\#14007](
- Don't repeatedly wake up the same users for batched events. ([\#14033](
- Complement test image: capture logs from nginx. ([\#14063](
- Don't create noisy Sentry events when a requester drops connection to the metrics server mid-request. ([\#14072](
- Run the integration test suites with the asyncio reactor enabled in CI. ([\#14092](
- Add debug logs to figure out why an event was filtered out of the client response. ([\#14095](
- Indicate what endpoint came back with a JSON response we were unable to parse. ([\#14097](
- Break up calls to fetch rooms for many users. Contributed by Nick @ Beeper (@fizzadar). ([\#14109](
- Faster joins: prioritise the server we joined by when restarting a partial join resync. ([\#14126](
- Cache Rust build cache when building docker images. ([\#14130](
- Enable dependabot for Rust dependencies. ([\#14132](
- Bump typing-extensions from 4.1.1 to 4.4.0. ([\#14134](
- Use the `minimal` Rust profile when building Synapse. ([\#14141](
- Remove unused configuration code. ([\#14142](
- Prepare for the [`gotestfmt` repository move]( ([\#14144](
- Invalidate rooms for user caches on replicated event, fix sync cache race in synapse workers. Contributed by Nick @ Beeper (@fizzadar). ([\#14155](
- Enable url previews when testing with complement. ([\#14198](
- When authenticating batched events, check for auth events in batch as well as DB. ([\#14214](
- Update CI config to avoid GitHub Actions deprecation warnings. ([\#14216](, [\#14224](
- Update dependency requirements to allow building with poetry-core 1.3.2. ([\#14217](
- Rename the `cache_memory` extra to `cache-memory`, for compatability with poetry-core 1.3.0 and [PEP 685]( From-source installations using this extra will need to install using the new name. ([\#14221](
- Specify dev-dependencies using lower bounds, to reduce the likelihood of a dependabot merge conflict. The lockfile continues to pin to specific versions. ([\#14227](