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Synapse 1.72.0rc1 (2022-11-16)

Please note that we now only support PostgreSQL 11+, because PostgreSQL 10 has reached end-of-life, c.f. our [Deprecation Policy](


- Add experimental support for [MSC3912]( Relation-based redactions. ([\#14260](
- Build Debian packages for Ubuntu 22.10 (Kinetic Kudu). ([\#14396](
- Add an [Admin API]( endpoint for user lookup based on third-party ID (3PID). Contributed by @ashfame. ([\#14405](
- Faster joins: include heroes' membership events in the partial join response, for rooms without a name or canonical alias. ([\#14442](


- Faster joins: do not block creation of or queries for room aliases during the resync. ([\#14292](
- Fix a bug introduced in Synapse 1.64.0rc1 which could cause log spam when fetching events from other homeservers. ([\#14347](
- Fix a bug introduced in 1.66 which would not send certain pushrules to clients. Contributed by Nico. ([\#14356](
- Fix a bug introduced in v1.71.0rc1 where the power level event was incorrectly created during initial room creation. ([\#14361](
- Fix the refresh token endpoint to be under /r0 and /v3 instead of /v1. Contributed by Tulir @ Beeper. ([\#14364](
- Fix a long-standing bug where Synapse would raise an error when encountering an unrecognised field in a `/sync` filter, instead of ignoring it for forward compatibility. ([\#14369](
- Fix a background database update, introduced in Synapse 1.64.0, which could cause poor database performance. ([\#14374](
- Fix PostgreSQL sometimes using table scans for queries against the `event_search` table, taking a long time and a large amount of IO. ([\#14409](
- Fix rendering of some HTML templates (including emails). Introduced in v1.71.0. ([\#14448](
- Fix a bug introduced in Synapse 1.70.0 where the background updates to add non-thread unique indexes on receipts could fail when upgrading from 1.67.0 or earlier. ([\#14453](

Updates to the Docker image

- Add all Stream Writer worker types to ``. ([\#14197](
- Remove references to legacy worker types in the multi-worker Dockerfile. ([\#14294](

Improved Documentation

- Upload documentation PRs to Netlify. ([\#12947](, [\#14370](
- Add addtional TURN server configuration example based on [eturnal]( and adjust general TURN server doc structure. ([\#14293](
- Add example on how to load balance /sync requests. Contributed by [aceArt]( ([\#14297](
- Edit sample Nginx reverse proxy configuration to use HTTP/1.1. Contributed by Brad Jones. ([\#14414](

Deprecations and Removals

- Remove support for PostgreSQL 10. ([\#14392](, [\#14397](

Internal Changes

- Run unit tests against Python 3.11. ([\#13812](
- Add TLS support for generic worker endpoints. ([\#14128](, [\#14455](
- Switch to a maintained action for installing Rust in CI. ([\#14313](
- Add override ability to `` command line script to request certain types of workers. ([\#14324](
- Enabling testing of [MSC3874]( (filtering of `/messages` by relation type) in complement. ([\#14339](
- Concisely log a failure to resolve state due to missing `prev_events`. ([\#14346](
- Use a maintained Github action to install Rust. ([\#14351](
- Cleanup old worker datastore classes. Contributed by Nick @ Beeper (@fizzadar). ([\#14375](
- Test against PostgreSQL 15 in CI. ([\#14394](
- Remove unreachable code. ([\#14410](
- Clean-up event persistence code. ([\#14411](
- Update docstring to clarify that `get_partial_state_events_batch` does not just give you completely arbitrary partial-state events. ([\#14417](
- Fix mypy errors introduced by bumping the locked version of `attrs` and `gitpython`. ([\#14433](
- Make Dependabot only bump Rust deps in the lock file. ([\#14434](
- Fix an incorrect stub return type for ``. ([\#14451](
- Improve performance of `/context` in large rooms. ([\#14461](