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Synapse 1.73.0 (2022-12-06)

Please note that legacy Prometheus metric names have been removed in this release; see [the upgrade notes]( for more details.

No significant changes since 1.73.0rc2.

Synapse 1.73.0rc2 (2022-12-01)


- Fix a regression in Synapse 1.73.0rc1 where Synapse's main process would stop responding to HTTP requests when a user with a large number of devices logs in. ([\#14582](

Synapse 1.73.0rc1 (2022-11-29)


- Speed-up `/messages` with `filter_events_for_client` optimizations. ([\#14527](
- Improve DB performance by reducing amount of data that gets read in `device_lists_changes_in_room`. ([\#14534](
- Adds support for handling avatar in SSO OIDC login. Contributed by @ashfame. ([\#13917](
- Move MSC3030 `/timestamp_to_event` endpoints to stable `v1` location (`/_matrix/client/v1/rooms/<roomID>/timestamp_to_event?ts=<timestamp>&dir=<direction>`, `/_matrix/federation/v1/timestamp_to_event/<roomID>?ts=<timestamp>&dir=<direction>`). ([\#14471](
- Reduce database load of [Client-Server endpoints]( which return bundled aggregations. ([\#14491](, [\#14508](, [\#14510](
- Add unstable support for an Extensible Events room version (`org.matrix.msc1767.10`) via [MSC1767](, [MSC3931](, [MSC3932](, and [MSC3933]( ([\#14520](, [\#14521](, [\#14524](
- Prune user's old devices on login if they have too many. ([\#14038](, [\#14580](


- Fix a long-standing bug where paginating from the start of a room did not work. Contributed by @gnunicorn. ([\#14149](
- Fix a bug introduced in Synapse 1.58.0 where a user with presence state `org.matrix.msc3026.busy` would mistakenly be set to `online` when calling `/sync` or `/events` on a worker process. ([\#14393](
- Fix a bug introduced in Synapse 1.70.0 where a receipt's thread ID was not sent over federation. ([\#14466](
- Fix a long-standing bug where the [List media admin API]( would fail when processing an image with broken thumbnail information. ([\#14537](
- Fix a bug introduced in Synapse 1.67.0 where two logging context warnings would be logged on startup. ([\#14574](
- In application service transactions that include the experimental `org.matrix.msc3202.device_one_time_key_counts` key, include a duplicate key of `org.matrix.msc3202.device_one_time_keys_count` to match the name proposed by [MSC3202]( ([\#14565](
- Fix a bug introduced in Synapse 0.9 where Synapse would fail to fetch server keys whose IDs contain a forward slash. ([\#14490](

Improved Documentation

- Fixed link to 'Synapse administration endpoints'. ([\#14499](

Deprecations and Removals

- Remove legacy Prometheus metrics names. They were deprecated in Synapse v1.69.0 and disabled by default in Synapse v1.71.0. ([\#14538](

Internal Changes

- Improve type hinting throughout Synapse. ([\#14055](, [\#14412](, [\#14529](, [\#14452](
- Remove old stream ID tracking code. Contributed by Nick @Beeper (@fizzadar). ([\#14376](, [\#14468](
- Remove the `worker_main_http_uri` configuration setting. This is now handled via internal replication. ([\#14400](, [\#14476](
- Refactor `federation_sender` and `pusher` configuration loading. ([\#14496](
([\#14509](, [\#14573](
- Faster joins: do not wait for full state when creating events to send. ([\#14403](
- Faster joins: filter out non local events when a room doesn't have its full state. ([\#14404](
- Faster joins: send events to initial list of servers if we don't have the full state yet. ([\#14408](
- Faster joins: use servers list approximation received during `send_join` (potentially updated with received membership events) in `assert_host_in_room`. ([\#14515](
- Fix type logic in TCP replication code that prevented correctly ignoring blank commands. ([\#14449](
- Remove option to skip locking of tables when performing emulated upserts, to avoid a class of bugs in future. ([\#14469](
- `scripts-dev/federation_client`: Fix routing on servers with `.well-known` files. ([\#14479](
- Reduce default third party invite rate limit to 216 invites per day. ([\#14487](
- Refactor conversion of device list changes in room to outbound pokes to track unconverted rows using a `(stream ID, room ID)` position instead of updating the `converted_to_destinations` flag on every row. ([\#14516](
- Add more prompts to the bug report form. ([\#14522](
- Extend editorconfig rules on indent and line length to `.pyi` files. ([\#14526](
- Run Rust CI when `Cargo.lock` changes. This is particularly useful for dependabot updates. ([\#14571](
- Fix a possible variable shadow in `create_new_client_event`. ([\#14575](
- Bump various dependencies in the `poetry.lock` file and in CI scripts. ([\#14557](, [\#14559](, [\#14560](, [\#14500](, [\#14501](, [\#14502](, [\#14503](, [\#14504](, [\#14505](