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  • v0.5.0   v0.5.0 * Configure bind address with new `bind` configuration value (#38, #5) * Syntax highlighting support for all programming languages supported in highlight.js (#39) * Modify NodeInfo description with new `site_description` config value * Change admin values via the web admin UI (T541) * Fix metadata editing in single-user mode (#40) * Always show stats on **About** page if `public_stats` enabled
    8ceb1650 · Bump version to 0.5 ·
  • v0.4.0   v0.4.0 * Work as a standalone server, with TLS (T537) * Code syntax highlighting (#31) * Fix About page link in Admin dashboard * Include About/Privacy page content in page description
  • v0.3.0   v0.3.0
  • v0.2.1   v0.2.1 * Fix Accept activity IDs (#16) * Add login link to single-user blogs (#15) * Fix more schema issues (#18)
  • v0.2.0   v0.2 * See how many fediverse followers your blogs have * WriteFreely now works with Pleroma * Fix individual post ActivityStreams data fetching, so boosting works (#4) * Use WriteFreely avatars in social media image preview, instead of Write.as logo * Fix template loading on Windows (#2) * Fix database errors around default values (#3, #7) * Don't unnecessarily connect to DB after configuring multi-user instance * Show any errors when server start fails * Fix encryption key loading on Windows * Move encryption key generation from `keys.sh` to `writefreely --gen-keys`
    002d0e63 · Bump version to 0.2 ·
  • v0.1.0   v0.1 Basic WriteFreely application, with federation and multi- and single-user support.